Job openings at the Pack lab

We’re looking for new undergraduate summer students, grad students, and postdocs at the Pack lab. We’re located at the Montreal Neurological Institute. From our website:

Our lab studies the visual cortex, with the goal of finding out how neurons communicate information about the visual world. We use microelectrode recordings to listen to individual neurons. Part of neural core of vision be understood in a straightforward way if one knows the statistics of the visual input; the relationship between these statistics and neural activity can be determined by system identification methods. One of the goals of our research is to develop a quantitative understanding of how these different aspects of neural activity relate to perception and behavior.

For summer students, a background in signal processing is desirable. For grad students and postdocs, we’re interested in applicants with a quantitative background and/or electrophysiology. The full job descriptions are here.

If I may speak for myself, the Pack lab presents excellent opportunities for the type of nerds that read this blog. For instance, I specialize in modeling and systems identification, yet was first author in paper published in PNAS while I was here; top-tier publications that rely heavily on modeling are few and far between, and  Chris can pull this sort of thing off. How so? Chris, in addition to being brilliant, also happens to be a fantastic article and grant writer. Somehow, he remains a considerate and available advisor and all-around nice guy. He also writes the best, most laudatory reference letters ever (I’m doing the Jedi mind trick hand gesture while I’m writing this).

If you send out an application, please mention this blog, this will give me brownie points which will surely be useful when I perform the inevitable faux-pas, for instance, running over Chris’ dog or hitting on Naomi’s daughter(s).

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