Be a TA at Neuromatch Academy

Neuromatch Academy is an online summer school in computational neuroscience at scale, and we need TAs like you! Here’s what we’re planning:

  • 1500 students spread over 50+ countries
  • 9 timezones
  • 15 days
  • 45 hours of content (sample day)
  • 60 colab tutorials (sample day)
  • Teaching by 200 TAs (one of which could be you!)

It’s an experiment in democratizing computational neuroscience education, and we can’t do it without TAs. As a TA, you’ll teach a small group of people (aiming for 6:1 student:TA ratio) who are slightly earlier in their careers (typically early masters and early PhD students in neuroscience). You’ll:

  • help students from diverse background get quality education
  • learn more about computational neuroscience – there’s no better way to master a subject than to teach it
  • get access to NMA’s network of mentors
  • receive teacher training by seasoned educators specialized in project-based learning
  • see and help this huge project being built in realtime (like Asaph says in his vid, it really feels like an adventure). If you wanna learn about project management, education, building tech at scale, etc. this is the place.
  • (bonus) have something great to talk about in your teaching statement
It really feels like an adventure

You’ll get compensated for your time (1500$ for three weeks). Round 2 applications for Teaching Assistants are due Monday May 25th. If you’re interested in being a TA and haven’t received a Round 2 application or did not apply to Round 1, you can still apply.

Fill out an application now.

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