Update to Gaussian surface fitting function: Gabors

I’ve updated my automatic 2d Gaussian surface fitting function, available in Matlab Central, to add a function to fit Gabors to noisy data. As I’ve discussed previously, fitting a parametric surface to noisy data is pretty trivial whether it’s a Gabor, Gaussian, or otherwise — it’s a straightforward application of numerical optimization that can be … More Update to Gaussian surface fitting function: Gabors

B-splines: Matlab code

B-splines are mathematical curves with convenient properties. The B in B-spline means basis. A curve y(t) is defined in terms of weights w and knots k, such that . Each basis function is a piecewise polynomial with compact support determined by the position of the knots. The order of the polynomial is determined by the … More B-splines: Matlab code

Matching Pursuit for one-dimensional signals: Matlab code

Matching Pursuit (MP) is a greedy algorithm to obtain a sparse representation for a signal in terms of elements of a dictionary. I’ve seen it used from time to time in neuroscience. For example, Smith and Lewicki (2006) use it as part of their demonstration that a sparse code for natural sounds matches the properties … More Matching Pursuit for one-dimensional signals: Matlab code

Wideband monitor for Plexon hardware

Plexon has a Matlab API that can be used to stream wideband, LFP and spike data for real-time processing. It’s available in the Downloads section of the Plexon website under the name “Matlab client development kit”. They include several sample applications with the API, including a real-time LFP monitor. However, it’s missing a few features … More Wideband monitor for Plexon hardware