Reading .plx files in Mac/Linux: a Python script

Update (12/10/2011): Huang Xin has written better Python script based on ctypes, part of RealTimeElectrophy. I posted a few days ago on solutions for reading .plx files on Mac/Linux, and was kind of bummed out that in spite of doing a thorough background search I couldn’t find a really satisfying solution to the problem. So … More Reading .plx files in Mac/Linux: a Python script

Wideband monitor for Plexon hardware

Plexon has a Matlab API that can be used to stream wideband, LFP and spike data for real-time processing. It’s available in the Downloads section of the Plexon website under the name “Matlab client development kit”. They include several sample applications with the API, including a real-time LFP monitor. However, it’s missing a few features … More Wideband monitor for Plexon hardware