Calling R from Matlab – flat file communication

In the last post I showed how to fit a Bayesian hierarchical model in R to estimate experimental parameters. Our main data analysis pipeline uses Matlab, and we’d like to integrate these two environments for the purpose of analysis. The example involved JAGS, which does have a direct Matlab interface in addition to the more common R one, but more … More Calling R from Matlab – flat file communication

ipython and ipython notebook for Matlab users

Following my post on IDEs for scientific Python, several commenters mentioned using some combination of their favorite text editor and ipython rather than a dedicated IDE. ipython is an interactive Python interpreter that offers a much enhanced user experience over the regular Python interpreter: with features such as: Integration with matplotlib Autocompletion Syntax highlighting at … More ipython and ipython notebook for Matlab users

Evaluating IDEs for scientific Python

TL;DR: use Spyder if you want an IDE with Matlab-like features, or ipython notebook if you want to do literate programming. Python is a general purpose scripting language that can be used for statistical analysis, numeric work, machine learning, and so much more. With packages like SciPy, matplotlib, Scikit, pandas, and TensorFlow, it’s miles ahead … More Evaluating IDEs for scientific Python