Plexon C++ API on 64-bit Linux

Plexon has a C++ SDK which I was toying around with because all Plexon software including the Matlab API is Windows only, and all of our analyses run on 64-bit Ubuntu. So I figured the command line version of the .plx reader could be modified to run on Linux and suit our needs. Surprisingly, this is pretty easy:

  1. In Plexon.h, remove all references to the Windows API.
  2. This is the hard part to figure out: in Plexon.h, in the definition of struct PL_DataBlockHeader, change unsigned long TimeStamp to unsigned int TimeStamp. A long is 8 bytes in 64-bit Linux g++ but 4 bytes in MSVC, so as is the file reader will read too many bytes per data block and then the data won’t be aligned anymore and it will crash.
  3. In plxread.cpp, #define LONGLONG long or #define LONGLONG int64_t
  4. Compile with g++
  5. If g++ bothers you about *printf, change %I64 tokens to %ld.

It should work as is. This also works for Mac. See here for an example of how you can use the SDK to process .plx files on non-Windows OS. Alternative approaches to reading .plx files in Linux include using Python with OpenElectrophy and the FieldTrip toolbox in Matlab.


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