VR in neuroscience

VR has become affordable and accessible to consumers. Neuroscience research can benefit from the tight control of visual and auditory stimuli and the immersion that VR can afford. I compiled a list of the opportunities that cheap, commodity VR headsets bring to human neuroscience. What can you do with VR? The graphics in this 2002 … More VR in neuroscience

What can a neuroscientist do about climate change?

The climate crisis is a defining challenge of the 21st century. If we keep on the same emissions path, we expect a sea rise of 2 meters, hundreds of millions of climate refugees, a mass extinction of over half of animal species, and decreases agricultural productivity that could leave a billion people starving by 2100. … More What can a neuroscientist do about climate change?

An introduction to meta-analysis

I just finished reading an excellent book on meta-analysis, Introduction to Meta Analysis by Borenstein et al. The book starts with the motivating example of streptokinase, a blood clot buster. Early studies showed conflicting evidence of efficacy of the drug in preventing death following a heart attack. These early studies were small, and the main outcome was often not significantly … More An introduction to meta-analysis