An introduction to meta-analysis

I just finished reading an excellent book on meta-analysis, Introduction to Meta Analysis by Borenstein et al. The book starts with the motivating example of streptokinase, a blood clot buster. Early studies showed conflicting evidence of efficacy of the drug in preventing death following a heart attack. These early studies were small, and the main outcome was often not significantly … More An introduction to meta-analysis

Multi-Arduino projects with PlatformIO

Arduino is a fantastic microcontroller platform, but the IDE can feel quite limiting once you go beyond “Hello world” projects. If you’ve outgrown the Arduino IDE, consider PlatformIO. PlatformIO is a a powerful IDE for Internet of Things (IoT) devices with some great features: Supports Arduino, ARM Cortex, and many other IoT platforms Full-featured code editor … More Multi-Arduino projects with PlatformIO