Extracting data from published graphs in Matlab

Have you ever needed to grab data from a published graph, perhaps to reanalyze the results? The grabit function, available on Matlab Central, does exactly this. It’s a GUI that allows the user to specify the location of axes, and then grab data by clicking on the data points.

Learned about it in the Methods section of the latest Nauhaus et al. paper, which I will surely blog about very soon.

4 responses to “Extracting data from published graphs in Matlab”

  1. Thanks for that link to grabit function, Patrick! Sometimes I need something like that for my own graphs. You know that story: the plots are here, but the data is somewhere… hmm… missing.

    By the way, would you please add google plusone button for all your posts – people (me included) use it like a bookmarking (you can see those pages in the google profile, which is helpful).

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