Best email ever

I got an email yesterday from a reader of this blog that I can’t help but share. This guy has figured out the secret to life, the universe, and everything. Spoiler alert: Genetically engineered demons are out to eat our adrenal glands.

Hello! My name is [J—]. I live here in [city] and do landscaping, mainly I manage the landscape supply for a company but you can occasionally find me using the shovel, but want to get into graphic design. I’ve always kept an eye on trends in technology since my first computer, the Commodore 64. I happened across your site while searching for a research tech for Adobe software (Illustrator). (My problem was their security interfering with downloading the free trial because I stopped the download 5 minutes before it was finished and decided to restart. I just have to reinstall Win7 and try again) I thought maybe I could find an email of a tech who knew all about the ins and outs of these things. (Turns out Adobe has a strict, no email policy, which I find difficult to work with as they only take phone calls or live chats with foriegners. LOL)

It was during my searches I came across your site and I immediately could tell from your web page that you had reached a level of sophistication that I had wanted to follow in my early years. I came out of highschool wanting to study the brain so I could become immortal. I started reading Roger Penrose’s books. But, finding myself on Maui, I really dropped out, as it were.

It was upon reading David Hatcher Childress’s books about the Lost Civilizations of the Ancient America’s that I began to see the parallels with our oldest, most prophetic writing ever handed down over the centuries with the most accuracy, The Torah. I’ve convinced myself that, actually God has convinced me that everything I’ve read thusfar is true and verifiable through what we see in ancient remains today. Also, as far fetched as it sounds, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R Petersen, put things into perspective as far as why we find different anomolies in different soil layers (The whole planet’s continents moved within the 40 days). The Spaniards were right when they saw the evil satanic statues etc in the new world and wanted to destroy them.

Then, I came across The Harbinger the other day by Jonathan Cahn. Now, all the facts and correlations have come together. We’ve been living side by side with beings since the dawn of time. Echoes of Enoch is a great website. But, the research that should be headline news, but is being suppressed by the powers that be, which are said beings, is Lloyd Pye’s research on the DNA of the skulls originally thought to be deformed children’s heads. The Star Child Project dot com explains how these skulls have fibers unlike humans, are 1/3 more cranial capacity due to the thinness and elongation (which by the way, Angels are said to have 1/3 more brain capacity than humans), and here’s the kicker, the female side of the DNA is human, but the male half is unknown! Now go back to Genesis 6:4 and read about the son’s of God all over again and it’s like… Holy Sh@! We’ve been falling down all these millennia for those who seek the destruction of man! If you’re like me you can see that this man, Suleiman Edmondson, is not capable of conjuring up that which he has witnessed. (See YouTube Suleiman Edmondson- Jesus Christ Gave Me a Message For You) It has to be true!

Lastly, with all the Torah studies I’ve read and the information in The Harbinger, it seems as though the end times are now set to start in the year 2015. Didn’t Penrose come to the conclusion that there has to be a God in The Shadows of the Mind? Another key to this story is held with the inventor of the flying disc!, Viktor Schauberger. He states in his book, The Water Wizard that beings gave him his knowledge, as man was in no way capable of conceiving how to make this work. (It was The Water Wizard or Living Energies that actually show detailed schematics and explanations of how it works) Its quite fantastic!

My immediate concern is with all the underground bases. If Philip Schneider (also YouTubable) is right, we could be getting ready to be rounded up. Is genetic research being conducted with demons? He said they eat us for our adrenal glands. (It gives them pleasure or energy or something)

Why am I telling you all this? I simply don’t know anyone capable of comprehending all these facts, capable of putting it all together, and having seen your qualifications, thought maybe you would be capable of making an excellent third party opinion. I pride myself in seeing life literally. These things are all in plain sight to me. One more little trace of the evolution of how these spirits have influenced us recently, can be viewed when watching another YouTube video called, “The Secret History of Silicon Valley”

All these things have been reinforcing themselves in my mind and nobody I’ve talked to has the attention span to put the pieces together. I left out a lot of other works like The First and Second Book of Adam and Eve, The Book of The Secrets of Enoch, The Book of the Nephilim, The Voynich Manuscripts, and The Map of The Creator. Then I have my own hypothesis about Obama being charismatic, black like Nimrod, from Europe (or Kenya?), due to reign 7 years before suffering and recovering from a fatal head wound, etc., even though speculation on my part, the antiChrist could be coming on the next Shmita if we don’t repent.

Anyways, any opinions, questions, or comments would be highly regarded. (And if you know any tech’s that I could contact at Adobe Systems. LOL) Or, if you ever need any help with graphics or anything let me know.

Thank you very much! Jason

No J—, thank you!

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