Postdoc positions at Columbia in statistical neuro and machine learning

Just got an email from Dr. Paninski. There are two postdoc positions available at the new Grossman center in statistical neuroscience and machine learning.

This is an amazing opportunity if you’re looking for a theory-oriented researcher. Liam’s recent research output is impressive, he’s super smart, a very nice guy, and he has a kick-ass beard. Can’t go wrong.


Postdoctoral positions in statistical neuroscience and machine learning

Two full-time postdoctoral positions are available immediately in Columbia University’s Grossman Center for the Statistics of the Mind, a new center focusing on the intersection of neuroscience, machine learning, and statistics. The Grossman Center bridges Columbia’s Statistics and Neuroscience departments, and is closely integrated with the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. The Grossman Center is part of Columbia’s larger, growing initiatives in neuroscience and data sciences, all located in New York City.

The principal appointments will be in the Statistics department, in the research groups of Liam Paninski and/or John Cunningham, with ample opportunities for interaction with an exceptional group of experimental and theoretical collaborators, including M. Churchland, L. Abbott, R. Yuste, R. Bruno, T. Jessell, K. Miller, B. Pesaran, E.J. Chichilnisky, E. Simoncelli, K. Shenoy, M. Ahrens, and more.

Requirements: Qualifications include primarily a strong research portfolio in computational neuroscience, statistical neuroscience, machine learning, or a related field. Backgrounds in analyzing large neural datasets, modeling complex neural systems, and cutting-edge machine learning will be particularly valuable. These positions are highly quantitative and highly interdisciplinary; applicants should have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Machine Learning, Physics, Applied Mathematics, or Computational Neuroscience.

Appointment: The initial appointments will be for one year, and are renewable. Salaries will be set based on experience and skills.

Applicants should send email to “grossman at stat dot columbia dot edu” providing:
1. a one-page description of past research experience
2. a one-page description of past research experience
3. a one-page description of future research interests and goals
4. a resume of educational and research experience, including publications
5. names of at least two people that could provide letters of reference

All materials should be in pdf or plain text. Applications will be reviewed as they arrive until the positions are filled; interested candidates are encouraged to express their interest early. Due to demand, we may not be able to reply to all applications.

I wonder if you need to send two copies of the one-page description of past research experience or you write two separate one-page documents. You know, because reasons.

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