Funes, or parallax

In a CSHL lecture on attention, Marisa Carrasco used the fictional Funes as an illustration of the idea that perception is about prioritizing and throwing data away. Funes the Memorious is a famous short story by Borges about a man with a photographic memory that couldn’t make sense of the world as he couldn’t throw any information away; to recount a day in the distant past would take him an entire day. If you have yet to read it, here it is (en français).

On an entirely unrelated subject, Greg DeAngelis’ lecture focused on choice probability (“Newsome-ology”) and tuning properties in MT. He had a paper in Nature a couple of years ago that showed that parallax is encoded in MT in the absence of other depth cues. Parallax is a powerful depth cue, the best illustration of which, IMHO, is shown in the Wiimote demo above.

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