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New here? I’ve put together a short list of the articles that are the most popular here, or that I’ve enjoyed writing the most.

Neuroscience, vision and AI

Long reads covering fascinating research in neuro and AI (including some of my papers!).

Learning programming

I’m a neuroscientist by training, and I’ve also been a software engineer at Google. As a service to the community, I’ve put together many tutorials on learning programming – mostly in Python, but also JS.

I also wrote a long-form handbook about how to organize research code.

Academia & industry

Are you a grad student worried about the next step? I’ve been there. Read these, or shoot me an email if you need help.


I love putting together half-baked projects involving a little solder and a lot of duct tape.

Still want more? Join an elite club of < 10 people and read my PhD thesis on parametric models of intermediate vision.